Publications, Print

“Reform of the European Citizen Initiative, Part II” with Damiano Canapa, Darina Gancheva, and Jacob Whitfield, Review of European Transatlantic Affairs 1 (Spring 2015): 148-153. [PDF]

“A Case for the European Citizens’ Initiative Amidst the Perceived Democratic Deficit of the EU,” Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs no.2 (Fall 2015). [PDF].

“The Far-Right Challenge to the EU: Recapturing the EU Narrative,” with Frank et al., European Review of Transatlantic Affairs 2 (Fall 2016): 66-99. [PDF].

Additional, Online

Trusting the European Union; a Yale Debate with Recommendations
An overview of the works at the ESC Conference on Open Democracy with Huan-Kai Tseng, Colleen Driscoll, and Yann Schreiber.

Why Should American Students Care About Europe?
A brief commentary on the ESC Conference at Yale University & the extent of the knowledge young Americans have regarding Europe.